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名称:首页(欢迎您)_大连仍在和龙东沟通留队 哈姆西克是走是留待定





   In the 14th round of the league, the Dalian team scored 18 goals in total, while Long Dong scored 9 goals and assisted 3 times. Who would not love such a thigh? Therefore, after hearing the news that the Venezuelan Football Association wanted to recruit Longdong, not only the Dalian fans were anxious, but the club also launched an action to retain people.


The Dalian people have been working hard to completely keep Long Dong in the country and continue to compete in the second stage of the Super League. If he is put back to his national team to play in the South American World Cup preliminaries, it means that he will definitely miss the second stage. The game is up. Although the FIFA document that allows the club to refuse to release players to play in the national team is only for September, the Dalian people are still seeking legitimate reasons to communicate with Longdong, and this matter will have further results today.


  ▲ Long Dong has been selected for the national team squad, but Dalian people are still working hard


When Long Dong first joined Dalian, it was still in the second half of last season. Long Dong, who did not have absolute speed, did not seem to be so suitable for the Super League. His brilliance was completely under Carrasco, and some people even questioned it. This signing of Benitez. At that time, Long Dong seemed to be overweight, and his coverage on the court was also very limited.


   When everyone discovered that the Dalianers did not make adjustments on the front line in the 2020 season, Carrasco left again and couldn't help worrying about the future of the team. At the same time, because of the epidemic, Long Dong failed to train with the team, and the state is even more unknown. But when the league officially started, in the first game, Long Dong showed excellent condition, and the next game was better than the other, and he completely took over the banner of the offensive core left by Carrasco. The team is also very curious about what Long Dong did during training alone at home and why his performance has made such a big leap.


   In a recent interview, Long Dong said that many people think he should retire and his career should be over, but he has to prove to everyone that he is still outstanding. And he worked so desperately to repay Benitez’s kindness. When everyone didn’t trust him, Benitez gave him trust and various tactical help, which inspired him this season. status.


  ▲For the importance of the team, Long Dongyuan beats Hamsik


When Carrasco was still in the team, the ball was basically at his feet, and it was difficult for Long Dong to get enough shots. The overall tactics that Benitez has created now allow Larsson to help Long Dong sweep in the midfield. To clear the obstacles, Larson must assist in solving all opponents' pursuit of Longdong. Long Dong scored 9 goals in 14 games in the first stage. At the same time, he is also the player in the Dalian team second only to Hamsik in running distance, and the player with the second longest running distance in the Super League. Hamsik is the first. As a forward, Long Dong has such a high running distance and such a considerable number of goals, his hard work and struggle, and his importance to the Dalian people are all evidenced by this.

当卡拉斯科仍在队中时,球基本上就在他的脚下,龙东很难获得足够的投篮机会。贝尼特斯创造的整体战术现在允许拉尔森帮助隆东扫荡中场。为了清除障碍,拉尔森必须协助解决所有对手对Long东的追求。第一阶段,龙洞在14场比赛中攻入9球。同时,他还是大连队的跑步距离仅次于哈姆西克的球员,也是中超联赛中第二长的跑步距离的球员。 Hamsik是第一位。作为一个前锋,龙洞具有如此之远的奔跑距离和如此众多的目标,他的艰辛和奋斗,以及他对大连人的重要性都由此得到证明。

   The national team recruitment has been suppressed in Benitez's heart. It seemed inappropriate to not let Long Dong go back, but it was definitely more inappropriate to let him go back. Because the entire offense of the Dalianers relies on Long Dong, he has no substitute, and no tactical adjustments can solve the problems left after his absence.


The club has also considered renting players from a certain Chinese Super League team to temporarily replace Longdong, but for this young Dalian team, it is not easy for this young Dalian team to adapt to Longdong and have a good tactics. If it is in the critical stage of relegation Losing this backbone will also bring a huge psychological blow in addition to major technical and tactical defects. If you lose Longdong, you need to re-adjust your tactics in a short time, so there will be many uncertain factors. Therefore, after comprehensive consideration, it is the best plan to keep Long Dong and let him continue to play the second stage with the team.


  ▲Long Dong is still in Beijing and is still communicating with the Venezuelan national team


   The third transfer window of the Super League this season (from September 1 to September 30) has ended. Judging from the entry and exit of personnel at this window, Dalian people also have the necessity to "save the soldiers Longdong".


   In the past season, there were two transfer windows, but this year due to the epidemic situation and the competition system, the Football Association deliberately added a transfer window at the end of the first stage and before the second stage. As of 24:00 on September 30th, all the registration lists of the Super League teams have been updated. The Dalian people withdrew from Hamsik who returned to the national team and introduced Janisson (translated as Jailson) , The rest of the foreign aid registration list remains unchanged. There are also some fine-tunings in the internal aid. Li Jianbin returns, Zhang Jiansheng and Yang Haoyu have entered the first team roster.


   Before the end of the last game, Benitez refused to answer all questions about the adjustment of foreign aid, and held a high degree of confidentiality within the club. He once said that he is very uncomfortable with China's league system, and foreign aid must be adjusted while the game is still in progress. This will seriously affect the mentality and state of foreign aid, and thus affect the results. Therefore, although the Dalian native signed Janisson very early, and his former club Turkey Fenerbahçe announced his departure from the team for Dalian in advance, Benitez still refused to confirm. He just said that this is a favorite object, but he still needs to discuss with Wanda Group whether to introduce it. At that time, he was afraid that after confirming the news, it would affect the mentality of other foreign aids. Now it seems that he is mainly worried about Hamsik's mentality. .

在上一场亚博首页网址比赛结束前,贝尼特斯拒绝回答有关调整外援的所有问题,并在俱乐部内保持高度机密。他曾经说过,他对中国的联赛制度感到非常不舒服,必须在比赛进行中调整外援。这将严重影响外援的思想和状况,从而影响结果。因此,尽管大连人很早就签下了贾尼森,而他的前俱乐部土耳其人费内巴切宣布提前离开大连队,但贝尼特斯仍然拒绝证实。他只是说这是一个最喜欢的对象,但是他仍然需要与万达集团讨论是否引入它。当时,他担心这个消息确认后会影响其他外援的心态。现在看来,他主要担心Hamsik的心态。 。



   After the news of Janisson's confirmation of joining was confirmed, who left the team has become Benitez's highly confidential. Because the final list of entries for the league was drawn up by Benitez himself, and it was given late. When many people thought that Boateng, who might not be able to play the game, would leave the team, and because Hamsik was the biggest card and the treatment was very expensive in all aspects, it seemed not easy for him to vacate his position, but he eventually left. It is really about Hamsik, and only Benitez dared to make this decision, and won the absolute support of the top management of Wanda Group. Change a coach, even if Hamsik does not perform well, he will definitely be the coach.

在Janisson确认加入的消息确认后,离开团队的人已成为Benitez的高度机密。因为贝尼特斯本人已经制定了联赛的最终参赛名单,而且这份名单迟到了。当许多人以为可能无法参加比赛的博阿滕会离开球队时,由于哈姆西克是最大的牌,而且待遇在各个方面都非常昂贵,他似乎很不容易离开职位,但他最终离开了。这真的与Hamsik有关,只有Benitez敢于做出此决定,并赢得了Wanda Group最高管理层的绝对支持。换一个教练,即使哈姆西克表现不佳,他也一定会成为教练。

  Dalian played so hard in the first stage, which has a great relationship with the team's serious lack of defense. Before the season, Li Jianbin was injured suddenly, which caught Benitez by surprise. There was no suitable replacement for the time being. Fortunately, foreign aid Danielson was introduced, otherwise he would encounter greater trouble. Now that more than half a year has passed, Li Jianbin's injury has healed, and the second stage of the game is very critical. Benitez re-reported Li Jianbin to the first team.


   And Zhang Jiansheng is an avant-garde. He was once selected as a national junior and was rented out to the Meizhou Hakka. Now he has returned and was reported to the first team. In addition, there is also the defender Yang Haoyu, who has been abroad and was also selected as a junior in the country. During this transfer window, Chu Feng Heli was loaned to Dalian, so that once the player transfers at the end of the year, he can not occupy the lead of the next season. Aid quota. In the future, he should also stay in the Dalian team and continue to strengthen the depth of Benitez's youth storm. Xue Qinghao, who had been introduced by the goalkeeper, was also reported to the first team roster. Zhu Jiaxuan and Zhou Xiao, who were on the official list before, were changed to be U21 players trained by the team because they wanted to give places to Zhang Jiansheng and Yang Haoyu.


After the adjustment of the intermittent transfer window, it can be seen that Benitez is mainly defensive, adding Janisson and Li Jianbin to the line of defense, and the goal is clear-the second stage opponent Shijiazhuang Yongchang defense The counterattack is handy, the counterattack is fast, and the line is clear. To compete with such an opponent, you must first defend yourself before you can remain invincible.


   The transfer window focuses on adjusting the defense line, and Longdong must be left on the offensive line, and because Longdong still has variables, Boateng cannot be easily let go, because only in this way can the entire offensive system remain intact.


   As for Hamsik, he left as soon as the league ended. He will return to China to play two world preliminaries, against Scotland and Israel. Because of his strong personal willingness to return to China, the club also has new foreign aid to supplement, so he let him go. Excluding this season, Hamsik still has a one-year contract with the Dalian Club. Whether to sign up for him after playing the national team, terminate the contract, or rent back to Europe, it still depends on Benitez's vision.


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