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首页(欢迎您):德约无缘双圈大满贯 17难追20失美网比法网更致命
名称:首页(欢迎您):德约无缘双圈大满贯 17难追20失美网比法网更致命

Netease Sports reported on October 12:


The quarter-finals and semi-finals took a lot of effort to advance, but stood


After winning the Australian Open for the eighth time at the beginning of the year and winning his 17th Grand Slam title, Djokovic’s 2020 season started very smoothly, even if the tennis tournament was suspended during the epidemic, and he led the Adria exhibition match. The occurrence of group infections caused his wind evaluation to plummet, and it did not seem to affect his state. After the season restarted, Djokovic won the Cincinnati Masters again.


However, in 2020, this is how many things appear to be unrealistic. Facing Busta in the 1/8 finals of the US Open, Djokovic unexpectedly was directly sentenced to lose for hitting the line trial. The way to eat up to the first defeat of the season, also ruined the perfect opportunity to get the 18th Grand Slam in New York. Originally, Nadal gave up the early season reimbursement of Federer due to injury in the US Open. Djokovic is very likely to be crowned in New York, but now it seems that he really missed the once-in-a-lifetime reduction and Feiner Grand Slam title. Great opportunity.


Seizing the chance of Nadal’s accidental loss, Djokovic won the Rome Masters, which made the French Open champion’s ownership seem to be in suspense. "Schwarzman showed us that Rafa is not impossible on clay court. Defeating, especially in the wet night, the ball becomes very heavy and the bounce is low, which is not what Rafa likes." Djokovic saw the opportunity to beat Nadal at the French Open, and his draw was indeed Very cooperative, Tim, Schwarzman, Wawrinka and even Zverev all went to the half of Nadal. This is undoubtedly great for the Serbs to return to the French Open finals and even win the second championship. Good.

德约科维奇抓住纳达尔的意外失利机会,赢得了罗马大师赛的冠军,这使法国公开赛冠军的所有权似乎处于悬念中。 “施瓦茨曼向我们展示了拉法在红土球场上并非不可能。击败(尤其是亚博首页网址在潮湿的夜晚),球变得非常沉重,弹跳力很低,这不是拉法喜欢的。”德约科维奇看到了在法网打败纳达尔的机会,他的抽签确实非常合作,蒂姆,施瓦兹曼,瓦林卡甚至兹维列夫都拿到了纳达尔的一半。这无疑对塞尔维亚人重返法网决赛,甚至夺得第二个冠军头衔都是巨大的。好。

Compared to Nadal's smooth sailing, Djokovic, who holds an excellent draw, is in a lot of situations. In the quarter-finals against Busta, his opponent at the time when the US Open was sentenced to lose, Djokovic not only lost the first set of this French Open, but also suffered from discomfort in many parts of his body, even though he lost one set and then pulled three. The game was reversed, but the way to pass the game was still questioned by opponents after the game. In the semifinals against Sisipas, Djokovic was forcibly dragged into the final set by his opponent when he reached the match point in the third set serve, and finally relied on experience and physical advantage to get through the danger.


It is not easy for Djokovic to be able to join Nadal in the final. Before the game, he also tried to play down the importance of this final, claiming that this is not the most important Grand Slam final he has ever played, and has repeatedly expressed the French Open. It's like Nadal's home to compliment the opponent, and Nadal's only victory at the French Open five years ago at the bottom of the game is obviously not enough to support the Serb in winning this matchup.


Facing Nadal, who had only lost two games in the French Open in the past 15 years, Djokovic was too nervous after the opening. Under pressure, he was afraid to send three straight games and was swept 0-6 in the first set. He lost a set 0-6 in the Grand Slam final for the first time. In the second set, Djokovic’s performance was not much better. He was broken twice and lost 2-6. He was 0-2 behind in less than two hours. The number of unforced errors remained high and he dropped the ball. The tactics did not work at all and was crossed many times. It is difficult to fight against Nadal with this performance.


In the third set, Djokovic's state improved. Although he was broken after 2-2, he still burst into fighting spirit after being broken, and then broke back and brought the process of this round back to the balance. . However, in front of the almost unbeatable Nadal, Djokovic still failed to hold on even to win the next set. The serve after 5-5 collapsed first, and he lost the whole game 5-7 after being broken by a double fault. , 0-3 hastily lost.

在第三盘中,德约科维奇的状态有所改善。尽管他在2-2之后被打破,但在被打破后仍保持了战斗精神,然后又重新爆发,使这一回合的过程恢复了平衡。 。然而,在几乎无人能敌的纳达尔面前,德约科维奇仍然未能坚持到底,甚至未能赢得下一盘。 5-5之后的发球局首先崩溃,在他的双发失误后,他以5-7输掉了整场比赛。 ,0-3急忙失利。

Losing to Nadal in the French Open final is not a shame, whether it is 0-6 or 5-7, it is just a set of goals. More importantly for Djokovic, he again missed the chance of a double-lap Grand Slam. , And with Nadal in, maybe this double-lap Grand Slam has become a goal that will never be achieved. In 2020, when he is in very good form, Djokovic will only win the Australian Open. He had a chance to win the 18th, so he is only 2 crowns away from Feiner and is still 3 crowns. Tim and Medvedev will not fail forever. Djokovic will only have more and more opponents on hard courts and grass. Perhaps when the dust settles at the end of his career, Djokovic may regret the beauty of this year. The mistake made by the net himself.

在法国公开赛决赛中输给纳达尔并不是可耻的事情,无论是0-6还是5-7,这只是一组进球。对于德约科维奇而言,更重要的是,他再次错过了大满贯双打的机会。 ,随着纳达尔的加入,也许这个双圈大满贯已经成为一个永远无法实现的目标。 2020年,当他表现出色时,德约科维奇将仅赢得澳网公开赛冠军。他有机会赢得第18位,因此他与费纳仅相距2冠,现在仍是3冠。蒂姆和梅德韦杰夫不会永远失败。德约科维奇在硬地球场和草地上只会有越来越多的对手。也许当职业生涯的尘埃落定时,德约科维奇可能会后悔今年的美好。网络本身所犯的错误。

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