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【亚博首页网址】李铁对归化球员到底啥态度?三谈归化强调三点 阿兰或因一点落选
发布时间:2021-10-07 04:53:02

Since Li Tie has been coaching enough for the country, naturalized players have been a problem he can't avoid every time he trains. Today, Li Tie has organized a total of four sessions of training camps, and on three occasions he talked about the issue of naturalization. Each time his wording was a little different to deal with the doubts about the choice of naturalized players. But this time, the mystery of Alan's defeat remains unsolved.


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Li Tie first talked about the naturalization of the national football team at the inaugural meeting on January 5. The general background at that time was that Li Tie had just taken over Lippi's coach, and the national football team introduced naturalized players, Lippi's main force, so the outside world is very concerned about how Li Tie should face the problem of naturalization. Li Tie's answer at the time was, "Naturalized players have increased the strength of the Chinese team, but naturalized players are also a member of ordinary players, and they also need to compete for the main position. The national team is fair to all players." In that training camp. In, Li Tie recruited two naturalized players, Exon and Li Ke.

李铁在1月5日的成立大会上首次谈到了国家橄榄球队的入籍问题。当时的一般背景是李铁刚刚接任利皮的教练,而国家橄榄球队引进了归化球员,利皮的主要力量,因此外界非常关注李铁应该如何面对入籍问题。李铁当时的回答是:“入籍球员增加了中国队的实力,但是入籍球员也是普通球员的一员,他们也需要竞争主要位置。国家队对所有球员都是公平的。 。”在那个训练营里。在其中,李铁招募了两名入籍球员,埃克森和李克。

The second time Li Tie talked about the naturalization of the national football team was in mid-April, when he talked about this topic in an interview with CCTV "Football Night". At that time, the third training session of the National Football Team was about to begin. In the second training session, Li Tie did not recruit Li Ke for the first time, so that at that time only Exxon was a naturalized international player. This caused controversy in the outside world. He doesn't like using naturalized players. Li Tie expressed his welcome to the naturalized players. Naturalized players can enhance the overall strength of the national football. From his own point of view, he hopes that more naturalized players can be selected for the national football. In addition, Li Tie also revealed his criteria for selecting naturalized players to join the national team. He has a sense of national honor, team spirit, and discipline. The national team is open to all players, including naturalized players. Subsequently, in the third training session of the National Football Team, Luo Guofu was added to the roster, and Li Ke also returned smoothly. The number of naturalized players in the National Football Team reached three, setting a historical record. Li Tie even said at the time that if Alan could come back sooner, this national football team He is also on the list.


Li Tie talked about the issue of national football naturalization for the third time, just before the start of the fourth training session of the national football team on October 4. In this training session, the national football team recruited Jiang Guangtai, Li Ke, Fernando and Exon, which once again created a historical record for the number of naturalized players. However, the national football team did not recruit qualified Alan. There is a saying that Alan lost the election because there is a limit on the number of naturalized players within the national football team that does not exceed four. In this regard, Li Tie’s explanation is, “First of all, I have not heard of this. In the end, there are 3, 4, 5, 6, no (number limit). For me, first of all, he is qualified to represent the Chinese team. The game, this is the first; the second principle is whether he is willing to play for the Chinese national team. Including Jiang Guangtai and Fernando, their performance in the league is very good, we have also communicated before, the two of them They all expressed to me a very strong desire to play for China."


Judging from Li Tie’s three talks about naturalized players, he has always emphasized three points. First, the national football gate is open to all players; second, naturalized players are also ordinary players and need to compete; third, naturalized players must There is a strong desire to play for China.


From these three points, the first reason for Alan's loss is ruled out. According to Li Tie, there is no limit on the number of naturalized players. Third, Alan has already publicly expressed his willingness to play for China, and his naturalization of Chinese nationality is already an attitude. Alan should not refuse to play for the national football team. Then there is only the second reason for Alan's loss, that is, naturalized players need to compete. Like Li Ke's failure in the second training camp, he did not meet the national football requirements.


Alan's technical characteristics are indeed not a necessity for the current national football team. He can play either as a center or a winger, but playing a center is not a strong fulcrum, and a winger is not a breakthrough. Among the forwards recruited by the National Football Team in this period, either high center forwards or fast horse wingers, the only exception is Exon, who can also play center and wing forward. But Exxon has been playing for the national football team after all, and he has a better understanding of Li Tie's tactics, and he gets along well with his players. In addition, Alan played limited time in Guoan this season, starting 6 games in total, scoring 3 goals and 3 assists, very efficient, but not the absolute main force, which may affect Li Tie's impression of him to some extent.


It is foreseeable that although Li Tie denied that the National Football Team has a limit on the number of naturalized players, the mystery surrounding Alan's loss has not really been solved. In the next training session, if Alan is in excellent condition, can he still be selected, or whether the next training session of the national football team is still limited to four people, it will still be a hot topic outside the world.


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